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Double walled Coffee Pot Snow White

Double walled Coffee Pot Snow White

Double walled Coffee Pot Snow White
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Update Time2018-08-19
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The first person who invented vacuum cup: British duke, James Duvall in 1892. The British TOMIC inherited the technique, British temperament and superb technology encountered. TOMIC is also the leading brand that adopted 316 space steel to make vacuum cup. Nowadays, TOMIC has developed from focusing on drinking ware to many series of drinking ware, kitchenware and so on, which has become a famous international brand. Since establishment, TOMIC not only has been keeping enduring classic style and exquisite craftsmanship, but also created global designers alliance, continuously brings in innovative design and fashional concepts in the new era.  Let TOMIC stand in front of the fashion. Since TOMIC entered China in 2007, it has been keeping steady growing at high speed, and entered more than 500 high-end shopping malls and shopping centers, become one of the five major brands of vacuum cup. And at the 2016 G20 international summit, it was chosen as the "G20 products" provided for national leaders. 

size: 14.8×22.8CM
weight: 0.65/kg

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